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Our digital suite provides our members with the opportunity to work with both Lightroom and Photoshop on both . Whether a complete novice, or a seasoned professional, the equipment, software and support available at Kiln Photo ensures everyone is able to get the support that meets their needs.

Facilities and equipment include:  Photoshop, Lightroom, Scanning, specialist printing, PC, Mac, Epson 4880 printer, Epson SC P600 printer, Epson V700 scanner. 



Use of these facilities comes with all the support required for people who have never set foot in a darkroom, but want to expand their experience of photography beyond digital. These facilities also appeal to photographers who may want to revisit processes they used in the past or even do something with the back catalogue of negatives that may have been gathering dust in a box somewhere for years.

Facilities and equipment include:  Black & White darkroom with 8 enlargers with a variety of lenses, for both medium format and 35mm negatives, easels, developing trays and chemicals.  

Colour Darkroom.jpg


Similar to the black & white darkroom, use of the facilities comes with all the support required for complete beginners, as well as photographers that have mastered the black & white darkroom and want to try something different. These facilities also appeal to photographers who may want to revisit processes they used in the past or even do something with their own back catalogue of negatives.

Facilities and equipment include:  4 colour darkrooms with enlargers and lenses, easels and a shared colour processing machine. 

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The availability of both black and white, and colour film processing facilities at the Kiln, enable members to undertake the complete process from developing their film to printing their images, all with the technical support of experienced and enthusiastic staff.  This facility is great for photographers discovering film photography for the first time and want to get involved in processing their work.

Facilities and equipment include:  Dip and dunk, tank development, JOBO Colour processing machine.

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Photography goes beyond digital and and black and white, and here at the Kiln, both the chemicals and the tools required for producing alternative images such as cyanotype, salt print, platinum print, and liquid light are available.  On hand expertise from the staff provides members with the opportunity to try out printing and processing techniques that go back the the very early days of the medium. This is an opportunity for people to get more hands on with photography and take control of the entire creative process from start to finish.  It also gives a chance to re-use old images and give them a new lease of life.

Processes include:  Salt print, cyanotype, liquid light, platinum print, gel transfer (the list is endless)

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Kiln Photo has a dedicated studio area. This is a chance for people who want to understand, learn or improve their still life and portrait photography in a controlled environment. 

Equipment available:  a variety of different backdrops, flash and continuous lighting, stands, tripods, gels and reflectors.

Digital and Analogue-1.jpg


Whether buying your first digital camera and looking for advice on which one to get, or needing to better understand some of the more technical advanced features of your camera, help is at hand. With a broad range of experience and understanding in photography available at the Kiln, why not have a go at analogue as well as digital.  Members can even try out older style cameras and pinhole camera photography.



Need help in critiquing your print, editing a selection of images or preparing your work for a competition, then look no further.  The Kiln staff have years of experience and a real eye for what works and why.  

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