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Jeremy Belasco | Guildford Arts

Jeremy Belasco [photographer]and Katy Welwyn-Smith [painter] to exhibit at the Guildford Institute in collaboration with Guildford Arts.

Jeremy Belasco | Guildford Arts

Jeremy Belasco has been a member of Kiln Photo for several years and has taken part in several exhibitions their in conjunction with Surrey Artists Open Studios.

Personal Statement: I am a landscape photographer that specialises mainly in local wide angled autumn and winter landscapes. I often find, on retuning to locations, that my landscape scenes gradually change over the years. We live in what can be an ever changing, unpredictable and dangerous world. I set out to find and photograph the beauty in our landscapes so that we appreciate what we do have now , or at least in that moment.


More info on the exhibition can be found on Guildford Institutes website here:

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