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Alex Potts | Earth Month

Earth Month 2023 exhibition at The West End Centre in Aldershot. 25/04/23 - 24/05/23

Alex Potts | Earth Month

A hybrid exhibition in the Gallery, where there will be an exhibition of local nature photographs showing the beauty of indigenous wildlife in this area, and a variety of paintings that are interpretations of that nature by local artists Fatima Pantoja, Jacky Purtill, Rachel Davis and Nettie Davies.

Alex is a local nature photographer with a special interest in birds, butterflies and other insects. Alex uses a variety of lenses, natural light throughout the day and colours within the backdrops to create atmosphere within her images. She spends time observing nature, the habits and behaviours of each creature, so that she can capture their uniqueness in every image. Through a growing understanding of the wildlife she photographs, she has become increasingly keen on using art to highlight declines in wildlife and habitats and the importance of local projects trying to reverse those declines. This exhibition demonstrates the idea of a green corridor connecting local nature reserves in the local area.

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